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David Ferrugio has spread himself in various different pockets in Los Angeles from the Valley all the way down to El Segundo and in between working with first time home buyers, savvy investors and everyone in between. His core belief in life & business transactions is to build a foundation of trust through open communication and brute honesty. David leads with his marketing creativity in his unique scripted story-line videos and digital campaigns that allow himself and his properties to stand out from a saturated market which includes a lot of redundancy. His instinct to problem solve and find solutions in an often complicated real estate transaction offer a seamless transactional process. Along with his patience to orchestrate the multifaceted angles of a deal have lead to his career success.


Along with level-headed business traits, it takes a unique marketing approach to get their home sold in the Los Angeles real estate market. It is not just placing the professional photo on the MLS, Zillow, etc. It is creating a narrative and a reason WHY prospects should buy their home. It is his intrinsic ability to connect with people and think outside of the box is what differentiates David from the crowd.

Leveraging David's extensive network established in the Residential and Hospitality design industry via a local design firm and prior sales experiences his various start-up businesses he has the resources and the knowledge to find and envision the full potential of a property and ensure his clients are comfortable and satisfied.


Born in New York, raised in New Jersey, with a Marketing Degree out of Philadelphia, David brings authentic prowess to the table for every client. He started his career wearing the soles off of his shoes going door to door to meet Los Angeles residence and to earn business. He takes this grit and determination with him towards every deal as his career progresses.

Despite a focused work ethic, David does have a life outside of Real Estate! He is constantly active in a wide variety of competitive sports, going to live concerts, and traveling the world. Aside from real estate being his bread and butter he has a few passionate projects. He hosts a podcast called DEAD Talks in which he discusses grief and death with guests who have lost loved ones in much light hearted, easy to digest and often humorous manner. David's father died on September 11th in the World Trade Center and leads the discussion with the chip on his shoulder to hear other stories.

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