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At the age of 22, David Ferrugio decided to drive across the country with two friends to Los Angeles with not much of a plan. And today, 10 years later, he is still here but with a successful life.

When David arrived in Los Angeles, he had no job and not much money left. As a result, he had to build his life from scratch. He got involved with many startup businesses that helped him enhance his knowledge and experience.

This consists of working in different positions, such as a salesman for a startup video production company and then an operations manager for a startup interior design firm. However, at the age of 25, David made the mistake of doing a job he knew little of.

He started working under one of the biggest developers in town and went through a lot of pain due to a tense and demanding working environment. Even though his job wasn’t pleasant, David was able to preserve his knowledge and learn from his experience that eventually helped him realize that this is not what he wanted to do in his life. As a result, this led him to take a leap of faith into starting a Real Estate Business.

As an entrepreneur, David strives to make his business stand out from others by mixing his content creation skills with strategic paid digital marketing. He has developed the idea of “scripted comedic commercials” where he uses the technique of humor to promote his brand and his properties.

As a result, this exposure method tends to be a great conversation starter with clients as it uses a mixture of laughter and openness to communicate. David’s idea to implement humor in his marketing strategy also pushed him to start his successful podcast, DEAD Talks, where he regularly hosts sessions with different guests and talks to them about their experiences with death in a lighter and often humorous tone.

He uses his creativity to discuss the sad topic of death with people who have lost their loved ones on various occasions, just like David lost his father on September 11. Thus, he uses the death of his father as an inspiration to make conversations easier, which eventually helped him market his brand and properties.

After much effort, David is now a successful Real Estate Agent, who has been recognized as a “top producing agent” during his time at Rodeo Realty. And recently, a few weeks ago, he has started working at a new brokerage, Compass, where he aims to further grow his business and serve more clients.

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