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Meet David Ferrugio: The Host of DEAD Talks

David Ferrugio always had a creative mindset that gave him an upper hand in creating content. And thus, after graduating from college in Philadelphia with a degree in marketing, he hopped in on a venture to build his life in Los Angeles.

While David is an entrepreneurial Real Estate Advisor by profession, he has also developed a brand of professional humor through his unique marketing approach. In order to distinguish his brand from countless existing real estate businesses, he uses his skills to create short comedic scripted videos where along with humor, he narrates an entertaining story of a house. Thus, this not only helps him stand out but also helps David connect with his clients that eventually reduces the amount of stress piling up. And with strategic paid digital marketing, the technique always serves as a conversation starter and provides a great method of exposure for his brand and properties.

While David’s business flourished he joined a new brokerage, Compass. Meanwhile, his creativity sparked towards creating a platform where he could engage with the topic of death in a lighter and positive tone while making the discussion a little less sad. Thus, he introduced “DEAD Talks”, a platform where he would invite different guests in every episode to discuss their experience and perspective towards death. David was inspired to begin this initiative due to his own heartbreaking experience, where he lost his father at the age of 12 in 2001 during the World Trade Center incident. Since then, the event has had a strong impact on his life, which eventually pushed him into being the strong individual David currently is. As a result, he embarked on the mission to use his fondness for content creation and share other people’s stories with the world. His latest episode was with Patrice Karst, who shared her theory and story on how she wrote the best selling picture book "The Invisible String" which acts as a perfect tool for coping with all kinds of separation anxiety, loss, and grief. She talks about how she initially wrote the book for her own child which eventually grew into a great method for introducing the conversation of loss for children as well as helping adults cope. Therefore, David continuously strives to invite more guests on his podcast so that they can share their different perspectives and stories regarding death so that the discussion can be more normal, and less sad.

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