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David Ferrugio Talks About his Creative Content Creation Skills

David Ferrugio always had an eye for creative content. He never believed in creating similar content over and over again, as it becomes boring and repetitive. As a result, David claims that in order to successfully market a brand or product, the content must include an interesting story that attracts the required viewer.

With a degree in marketing from a college in Philadelphia, David came to Los Angeles to start a new career. While during his initial years, he struggled to find a suitable career path, he still never let anything go without learning the most out of it. He preserved all the knowledge and experience he could get from various jobs he performed over the years. Thus, he worked in many different industries before finally pursuing his interest of becoming an entrepreneurial Real Estate Advisor. Therefore, once he was able to learn from one of the best brokers in town, David decided to use his marketing degree and creative skills to help his own real estate business stand out from others in the saturated market. His video marketing technique, where he developed a niche of “scripted comedic commercials”, set his listings apart from everyone else, who used the same old content marketing method, like just placing professional photos on the MLS, Zillow, or Trulia. David believed in narrating a story to his clients that explains the answer to why an individual should buy that specific home. This way every story will be different, unique, and most importantly interesting. And as David added humor to these short videos, it further eased the tension with a client. As a result, his creativity helped build a strong relationship between the client and the realtor, making coordination smoother. Along with this, David also uses his humour skills to create short scripted skits that would increase engagement on his platforms. In one of his skit videos, he associates selling a Million Dollar Listing in Los Angeles with “dating”, while portraying the common complications of both through a humorous appeal. Thus, these videos provide a great source of attraction in increasing David’s clientele reach.

Next, David took his passion for content creation to launch his podcast, “DEAD Talks”, a platform where he would invite guests to discuss death and their experiences in a much lighter and often humorous tone. This initiative was inspired by the death of his father, who lost his life in the heartbreaking incident of 9/11. Thus, the goal was to make the conversation of death easier, since we all are going that way in the end. As a result, his podcast was a perfect blend of humor and positivity, making the conversation more normal. So far, David has had different guests on every episode including Guillermo Heuze, whose father died on a plane crash two months after the September 11th attack, and Patrice Karst, the author of The Invisible String that has grown to be a great method for introducing the conversation of loss for children as well as helping adults cope.

Therefore, through his content creation skills, David hopes to exponentially grow his business while also reaching more people on his podcast.

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