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David Ferrugio – The Top Producing Agent at Rodeo Realty

When David Ferrugio drove to Los Angeles he didn’t have a plan for his career. However, today, after 10 years of hard work, he has not only launched his own real estate business but has also been titled as a “top producing agent”.

David’s journey from the very beginning is a source of inspiration for all those who strive to accomplish their goals. Even though he was unsure about what he planned to pursue at first, he still made sure to gain the maximum knowledge and experience out of every opportunity he got. From working as a salesman at a startup video production company to spending years in the interior designing industry as an operations manager, David gave his 100% to everything he did.

However, at the age of 25, David made the mistake of taking up a job he knew very little of, where he faced a lot of growing pains because of working in a tense and demanding environment. But he was able to preserve, learn and realize that this is not what he wanted to do. As a result, this eventually pushed David to take a chance and start a real estate business where he was able to apply the lessons he had learned through his career.

Thus, the Los Angeles real estate agent learned from one of the best brokers in town. During the first 5 years of his career at well known southern Californian brokerage Rodeo Realty, David was able to win the title of “top producing agent”. And even though he moved on to work for another brokerage the following year, he would’ve qualified for the title again if the new brokerage had been offering awards.

In a nutshell, David’s effort and creativity were coming to life as he was successfully working with savvy investors along with first time home buyers in selling high end luxury homes. The reason behind his accomplishment was not only his commitment to his work but also his ability to find creative solutions in the complicated transaction between a client and a realtor. Therefore, David was utilizing his content creation skills and mixing them into marketing through his “scripted comedic commercials” to smoothen the process of buying a house. And as a result, this technique proved to be a great method that helped him stand out in a market where numerous other brands were offering similar services.

Recently, David joined a new brokerage, Compass, where he hopes to continue serving his clients, while exponentially growing his business and eventually growing his own real estate portfolio.

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