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Entrepreneurship: Three Tips By David Ferrugio On How To Develop A Successful Business

David Ferrugio is an entrepreneurial Real Estate Advisor, who within 10 years of moving his life to Los Angeles became a top producing realtor. Even though he worked in different industries during the initial years of his career, he soon fell into the field of Real Estate and learned from one of the best brokers in town.

Today, David owns a real estate business where he represents many buyers, sellers, and investors while also hosting a regular podcast known as “DEAD Talks”, where he invites guests to discuss their experiences of death, as he himself lost his father at the age of 12 in the 9/11 incident.

Along with this, he is also currently working on introducing his watch line. Therefore, even though he still has a long way to go, David has achieved a lot in a short time span.

Here are 3 tips by David Ferrugio on how to develop a successful business:

  1. Persistence

For David, trying again and again is one of the most important traits that an individual needs to develop if they aim to be successful in anything. Be it a small or a big goal, every achievement requires the need to stay consistent. As a result, such a trait helps one embark on an inspiring journey, where persistence gives a vital experience and teaches the importance of success. Since one’s achievements will be backed by their endless efforts, they will eventually excel in whatever they aim for while also staying aware of their weaknesses.

2. Ability to adapt

As David had moved his life to Los Angeles, it took him a while to establish himself in a new place. Even though he didn’t begin his career as a realtor, he spent his initial years working with several startups to learn and enhance his skills so that later on he could apply that knowledge towards his own business model. Thus, in this ever changing world, it is important to remain malleable and understand what works and what doesn’t so that one can learn from their past mistakes, and easily work towards their future.

3. Maintaining a work life balance

Although working as a Real Estate agent is challenging and needs David to be available 24/7, he still makes sure to balance his work and personal life. He believes that stepping away from the business to enjoy life is vital since it allows him to reboot, keep a clear mind and continuously come back sharper to execute. Thus, a good work life balance not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but also adds to the success of a business.

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