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The Journey of David Ferrugio, From Working as a Salesman to Launching his Own Real Estate Business

There is no secret to success. It comes with time, effort, and most importantly, consistency in working towards achieving something. While still being fairly young, David Ferrugio has achieved a lot in the past 10 years. Despite starting his career as a salesman at a startup video production company, today David has launched his own Real Estate business and has started working with a new brokerage, Compass.

Since David lost his father suddenly in the 9/11 incident while he was just 12 years old, his perspective towards life changed. As he accepted the fact that everyone has to go the same way one day or another, he started working tremendously hard to achieve his goals. Even though he came to Los Angeles with no career plan, he did not sit empty handed. Instead, he strived to learn from every opportunity he got, until he realized he wanted to get into the real estate business. In the first 5 years of his career, David got awarded as a top producing agent each year at a well known southern Californian brokerage, Rodeo Realty, before he moved onto work at a new brokerage. What separated David’s listings apart from everyone else’s was through his unique video marketing technique where he made use of his creativity and turned monotonous videos into comedic scripted commercials. As a result, these videos act as a “conversation starter” and play an important role in building a healthy relationship between a client and a realtor that eventually eases the process of a transaction. Thus, instead of just showing a professional display of the house, David builds an interesting narration for every house, so that investors or first time buyers get a reason to buy the house. And with a combination of his resources, knowledge, and creativity David aims to make sure that his clients are comfortable and satisfied with his services.

The Los Angeles Real Estate Agent will soon be hanging his license in New York as well and is currently working on his new project of introducing a watch line. His goal is to continue to serve his clients, while he successfully grows his business and eventually moves on to develop his own real estate portfolio.

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